Upgrade Your Customer Service with 1300 Number

Most people here in Australia must be very familiar with 1300 or 1800 numbers. Yes, those are the first four digits of customer service numbers of many brands and companies. It becomes the standards here in this country as it allows customer to call the numbers to request for assistance and will only be charged with local call fare. For business organizations, having 1300 or 1800 premium number is one of the services provided to its loyal customers.

Actually, 1300 or 1800 are first four of ten digits’ premium line number. The four digits indicate that the number can be called from anywhere in Australia with low call rate. Off course, it requires subscription to have this premium line and yes, it comes with a cost. However, the advantages of having 1300 or 1800 numbers for your business are even greater. This number makes the customer service looks very professional with standardized point of contact. This premium line also offers very flexible options for call handling allowing it to be routed to different answer points. There are features and add ons also available to help optimizing the role of answer points for more effective customer service management.

With all those advantages and rich of features, it can’t help to think how much money you need to pay for that premium line. When it comes to cost, it always becomes a sensitive factor. There’s no need to fall into hesitation. You can own this 1300 or 1800 number for your business at very reasonable cost here at www.simple1300numbers.com.au. It is started from $10 monthly subscription! Doesn’t it sound too good to be true? You can find it real from Simple 1300 Numbers. This is the leading provider of 1300 and 1800 numbers offering the easiest and most competitive cost to own premium line for your business point of contact.

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